my story

My home is full of a happiness that comes from experiencing life with a sweet son and daughter and a remarkable husband. Me and Conrad fell in love and married while we were attending Washington State University where he was studying engineering and I was studying fine art. Before we left the charming little town of Pullman, we added a tender hearted baby boy to our family. Eleven short months later we welcomed a surprise baby girl and moved ourselves back to my hometown of Spokane. My days typically are comprised of blanket forts and flashlights, dress up and make believe, car racing and monster chasing. And I soak up every second, knowing that these days will be fleeting. But I also make time for my art. I grew up in a family full of farmers and artists, things were constantly being imagined and created around me during my childhood. I need to create like I need to breathe. I’m just as happy creating with a garden spade in my hand as I am with a paintbrush in my hand. I’ve dabbled in many artistic mediums and have chosen to combine two of my favorites, photography and floristry, to make a business that is uniquely me.







my philosophy

The things that bring me the most joy are the things that fall into the non-essential category. Things that feed my soul, not my body. Like the last sun rays of the day and the way they kiss my face and cover the earth in golden warmth. Or an armful of freshly picked blooms and the way they transport me back to the carefree moments in my life. Nature is full of creations that remind us of the value of existing simply to bring a lightness to the world. I believe that when young women are surrounded by beautiful things like flowers and golden sunlight, they will always feel beautiful. I love watching the girls I work with slowly open up and allow me to capture a bit of their inner sparkle. This is why I've chosen to focus my work on teenage girls. It's an impressionable time of life when their experience with me can impact how they value themselves. My hope is that my clients don’t only leave our time together with cherished photographs, but that they will also gain a new found confidence in their ability to love who they are and to take notice of the beautiful things in their world.









Hey there! Thank you for your interest in working with me! Please include your name (or your daughters name if you are inquiring on behalf of your high schooler) and the school that she attends. Also, include the month that you would prefer to have your session take place in. I only accept three clients per month so the sooner you inquire, the more likely you are to book your prefered time of year. I will return your email within 24 hours. Thank you!

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Sophie Class of '18 | Spokane Senior Photographer


Joelle Class of '18 | Spokane Senior Photographer


Natalie | Spokane Bridal Photographer


Lydia Class of '18 | Spokane Senior Photographer


2017 Year in Review | Spokane Senior Photographer


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Prices & Details


*All packages require a $100 deposit to secure your session, the remainder is due after the session but before the receipt of products. Payment can also me made in monthly installments before or after your session to suit your individual financial needs.*


The Layla-$375

30 minute session

25-30 images 

All digital files

(2) 8x10 or (1) 11x14

custom floral crown or comb


The Everly-$575

1 hour session

55-60 images

4x6 of each image

All digital files

$75 towards your choice of print products

10% off all additional purchases

Custom florals including: crown or comb, bouquet, installation


The Adelaide-$775

2+ hour session

90-100 images

4x6 of each image

All digital files

$150 towards your choice of print products

25% off all additional purchases

Custom florals including: crown or comb, bouquet, large scale installation/floral gown


FAQ- A digital file is one digital image given to you on a disc or thumb drive in high resolution with full printing rights



I only accept three clients per month to ensure that each client gets all of my attention and that I still have the energy left to be the wife and mother my family deserves. This means that firstly, it's never too early to get your name down for your preferred month and, secondly, I have a huge amount of flexibility when it comes to the specific date for the session. Which means it's no big stress if we have to reschedule for family emergencies or uncooperative weather. All sessions take place outdoors in the greater Spokane area. I have an abundance of locations that I regularly shoot at (most of which are on the north side of Spokane) but am always up for new places. Whethers it's a relative's private property or one of your favorite parks, if you have a specific spot in mind, don't be shy about asking if it will work. I work strictly with natural light and therefore prefer to shoot in the very best that mother nature has to offer, also known as the "golden hour" in the photography world. The golden hour simply refers to the times around sunrise and sunset that give off that warm, soft sunlight. In general, I start my sessions 2-3 hours before sundown but can accommodate early morning sessions if needed. Wardrobe changes and hair style swaps are welcome but I recommend only 2 outfits if you are doing the half hour session and 3-5 outfits if you are doing the longer session. This way, not too much time is spent on changing clothes. Personal items and pets are more than welcome and strongly encouaged to help your session feel more like you. Love to paint? Let's plop you and your easel down in a meadow and let your creative juices flow while I capture you at work. Love your horse? Well, lets let him and you loose in the woods to do your thing while you forget that the camera's there. All sessions include flowers in one form or another grown in my very own home garden. Because lush, fragrant flowers are irresistable and because they have a magic way of putting us all at ease.